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    Gen friend fine machine in the 17th China international machine tool equipment exhibition (2016)

    Ningbo international machine tool exhibition (2016) - the 17th China international machine tool and equipment exhibition after years of efforts, has become a scale in zhejiang province, the audience class, professional machine tool exhibition.Six exhibition hall, exhibition area of 35000 square metre, the preset booth number about 1500, 25000 professional buyers.

    ChinaMach over the years has accumulated hundreds of thousands of professional buyers, involving plastic machinery, machine tool equipment, general machinery, cars, motorcycles, automobile, household appliances, electronics, mold, electrical, electrical, shipbuilding, petrochemical, aerospace, military industry, hardware tools, mechanical and electrical parts, casting, stationery, fastener, bearing, hydraulic pneumatic components, valves, electric tools, packaging machinery, lighting and other industries, as well as the import and export trade professionals, directional invited VIP professional buyers.Large professional buyers group is assurance of success of the exhibition.


    Welcome you come to ningbo international conference and exhibition center 3367 booth no. 3, a friend fine machine workers will be in all product features of commentary, you can also take sample, technical personnel will give you tailor a special processing scheme.

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