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    The cold winter, warm machinery industry Machine tool industry presents the positive trend
    Since 2015, the mechanical industry economy face greater difficulties, market demand is not prosperous, the main index of economic growth of a new low since the international financial crisis, highlights the industry situation of serious.

    Machine to, in the machinery industry in 2015 full-year growth will be lower than the previous year, the industrial added value growth around 5.5%, is expected profit growth of 2.5% ~ 3%, the main business income is about 4%, import and export of foreign trade surplus of $110 billion or so.

    A data

    Production and sales growth running at low speed

    Since 2015, mechanical industrial added value growth rate is always lower than the national average level, it is rare for many years.As of November last year, machinery and industrial added value of the cumulative growth rebound in the automotive manufacturing, year-on-year growth of 5.3%, more than 1 ~ 10 months up 0.1%, still 0.8% lower than the national industry;November month growth increased significantly, year-on-year growth of 6.7%, up 1.4% in October, November year-on-year growth of 13%, including auto manufacturing than rebounded 5.7% in October.Statistics of 49 Chinese class in the industry, there are 14 Chinese class year-on-year increase added value of industry growth, the added value of industry growth fell 35 Chinese class.

    Product price index continued downturn.Affected by lack of demand, mechanical products market competition is intense, the overall price level continued the downward trend for many years.1 ~ 12, 2015, mechanical products prices fell by 1.3%, consecutive 48 months of year-on-year declines.1 ~ 12 months in the statistics of 142 kinds of main mechanical products price, total price year-on-year decline in product has 103 kinds, accounted for 72.25%;And the cumulative number of products prices rose to 29, compared to the same ten kinds of flat.

    The most comprehensive mechanical industry report in 2015

    Main business income to a record low

    Since 2015, the main benefit index of mechanical industry for the previous year since the fall of trend.1 ~ 11 month machinery industry main business income is 20.59 trillion yuan, up 3.32% from a year earlier, compared with growth of 9.65% over the same period of last year, fell by 6.33%.Growth of a new low since 2008.

    November 1 ~ 2015 mechanical industry total profit of 1.386372 trillion yuan, rose only 2.48%, to 1 ~ 10 months up 0.32%, but growth (11.24%) than the same period last year dropped 8.76%.Look from quarterly growth, mechanical industry profit growth in the second quarter than in the first quarter fell 1.29%, up 0.21% in the third quarter than the second quarter, 1 ~ 11 month than up 2.14% in the third quarter.The trend of profit growth continues to fall have improved.

    Automobile industry profit rebound have bigger influence on the whole industry.November 1 ~ 2015 auto industry total profit of 548.149 billion yuan, up 1.04% from a year earlier, from 1 ~ 10 months fell 2.6% year-on-year to a year-on-year growth of 1.04%, up 3.64%, auto industry profit growth for the industry accounted for 56.27%.November month auto industry profits of 71.242 billion yuan, up 34.93% from a year earlier.Vehicle manufacturing industry profits fell 5.82% year-on-year, drop to 1 ~ 10 months (10.44%) significantly narrowed, auto parts year-on-year growth of 11.12%, far higher than the industry average.1 ~ 12, 2015, the total export value of 354.141 billion yuan, the national automobile industry accumulated year-on-year growth of 0.46%.The main industry, car manufacturing total year-on-year growth of 270.37%.

    In November 2015 1 ~ 6.73% mechanical industry profit margins, fell 0.06% year on year, total assets accounted for 13.18%, fell 0.6% year on year, capital preservation increment rate 110.7%, current assets turnover ratio of 1.96 times, dropped by 0.05 times, cost profit rate 7.23%, fell 0.08% year on year.

    Upgrading investment growth rapidly

    November 1 ~ 2015 machinery industry the total investment in fixed assets of 4.503302 trillion yuan, up 9.75% from a year earlier, 0.48% higher than that of 1 ~ 10 months;But still less than 10.2% (10.2%) of the whole society during this period, the mechanical industry over the same period of last year's investment growth (12.4%), compared to fall by 2.65%.

    November 1 ~ 2015 different holding company, the proportion is as high as 77.75% of the private owned enterprise investment growth 10.74%, more than 1 ~ 10 months to speed up 0.64%;In different subordinate relations, the central and local investment year-on-year growth of 24.78%, 9.46% respectively, the central project investment growth than 1 ~ 10 months fell 3.76%, local project investment growth 0.55%;Different nature of the construction, the construction and expansion of investment growth, respectively, compared with 1 ~ 10 months to speed up 0.07 and 2.83%.Rebuilding and upgrading investment growth remain more than 20% growth.From the proportion of 1 ~ 11 month renovation and upgrading investment accounts for the proportion of the industry investment is 27.51%, (25.01%) increased by 2.5% year-on-year, driven machinery industry investment growth 5.18%.

    Foreign trade import and export were down

    As the world economy into the depth adjustment phase, the global demand dropped significantly, the mechanical industry also showed a trend of slow downward.

    November 1 ~ 2015 foreign trade import and export of mechanical industry $604.651 billion in total, fell 8.08% year on year;The imported us $251.924 billion, fell 14.2% year on year;Exports of $352.724 billion, fell 3.15% year on year, exports since 2009, one of the few decline.As imports fell faster than exports, the annual trade surplus is expected to around $110 billion.
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