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    Needs of people and machine data interconnection key technology? 2016-3-21
    Gen friend fine machine in the 17th China international machine tool equipment exhibition (2016) 2016-3-17
    Gen friend fine machine for the 12th China (tianjin) international machine tool exhibition (2016) 2016-3-9
    Gen friends precision machine to participate in the 2016 China (wenzhou) international industrial fair 2016-3-7
    The cold winter, warm machinery industry Machine tool industry presents the positive trend 2016-3-2
    Manufacturing services fell recovery now twists and turns 2016-1-6
    Industrial robot will replace human 10 years? 2015-12-31
    Gen friends precision machine to participate in the 2015 China (south) machinery exhibition in quanzhou 2015-12-22
    Milan exhibition to return Look at the world new changes of the machine 2015-12-18
    Mold technology breakthrough at home and abroad 2015-12-7
    Robots can work as a "savior" of all manufacturing enterprises? 2015-12-4
    China's machine tool market become the focus of world manufacturing industry 2015-12-3
    November manufacturing data back slightly But still balance 2015-12-2
    Don't blindly follow suit "industrial 4.0 map" fresh 2015-11-27
    Layout analysis nc machine tool industry in China in 2015 2015-11-23
    "Made in China" to "Chinese intellectual" five big obstacle 2015-11-20
    Machine tool industry development towards the sustainable production of the green environmental protection 2015-11-17
    2015 intelligent manufacturing international BBS will be held in wuhan 2015-11-16
    The application of universal power head 2015-11-14
    Gen friends precision machine to participate in the 2015 the seventh zhejiang (zhuji) machine tool mould and the robot exhibition 2015-11-13
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